We’ve been around the block a time or two.

POP THE PIXEL isn’t known for being a wallflower, that’s for sure. Our client’s backgrounds may differ, but our approach with each one remains the same. We don’t shy away from hard work, and we delve into every project with equal tenacity and vigor. From the initial consultation, to the final product, and everything else in between, we ask the tough questions to make sure the job gets done right and has people wondering where you got your work done. Just saying.

Our varied client base has enabled us with the skills to work under strict deadlines, produce quality results, and deliver on projects that we are proud of, with rapid turnaround times. Sometimes we even include them in our portfolio (ah, we’ve got jokes for days). Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

And if you’re wondering if we can handle your project, just send us an email and ask. Better yet, let’s go grab a coffee! Pumpkin Spice Lattes are still cool, right?

"Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs."

Frank Chimero